Monday, November 2, 2015

My bike didn't make it another year.
Hello hello!

So this week has been filled with many different things that have no sort of relation to each other whatsoever. For example, on Tuesday night, we were invited to a chili cook off/fall festival! There we were asked to "judge" 15 different chilies and see which one was the best. Few were good in my opinion :D   We were asked to find the top two. After that we awarded the victors with their prizes and off we went. That night we exchanged it up with our District Leader, Elder Paulsen, and his companion, Elder Tagg. Elder Tagg stayed in the area with me and Elder Calderwood went with a Elder Paulsen in to their area.

The next day we all got up at 6 and went to a stake center to play some basketball. It was fun. Taxing...since I kinda suck at basketball but all was well! From that point on, we went our separate ways from the day. Just shy of noon, we rounded up with the Lehi North elders and went to lunch. After that we started walking around. Why were we walking, you may ask? Well, when we were on our way to lunch (we were biking), Elder Tagg was riding Elder Calderwood's bike. As we were riding along, (bless his heart) Elder Tagg shifted to a higher gear and the next thing we heard was a big crunch noise and a bunch of bending metal. What had happened was the derailer had gotten caught on one of the spokes of the wheel and completely twisted it around and got it all caught up in the sprocket. Bad deal. So, Elder Laffidy called up one of his senior couples to give us a lift. Thank goodness....tender mercies...kinda. That's why we WALKED around. It took a tad bit longer to get around but that's okay. Used up time, I suppose. We visited a number of families, each switching off on who would do the door approach. We finally made our way to a less active family's house. (That's when we saw the black widow) We went in, he chatted for awhile, and finally it was time to go and have dinner! He was nice enough to throw our bikes in the back of his truck and haul them up the ginormous hill in our area. We had dinner, then got a ride down to our next appointment....which fell we got another ride from a cool guy in our area to our lesson up north with our investigator. It was a super good lesson! The spirit was there as we taught the Plan Of Salvation. We also introduced the Book Of Mormon stories picture book to her since she is kinda struggling with understanding the lingo of the Book Of Mormon. After that, we packed it up and headed over to a ward mission leader's house to go in a couple of visits. We were able to set up an appointment which was pretty rad. After that, the WML took us home and we got ready to exchange back.

Aaaaand I've been typing this throughout the day and I'm running out of time! We had Zone Training Meeting on Friday. Today we had Zone Activity! The whole zone got together at a chapel in south Lehi and we played soccer, football, and basketball. It was pretty rad. Then our district went and got lunch. OH! So in ZTM, I found out that we won't be getting Facebook back until next probably won't have it for the rest of my mission. Oh well....doesn't bother me none. 

Anyways, today was a good day! I'm gonna jump on getting my shocks fixed. I'm so scared my bike is gonna fall apart every time I go over a bump hahaha

Love y'all.

Elder Ahrens
Utah Orem Mission
612 W 100 S
Lindon, UT 84042

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