Monday, November 2, 2015

I love the temple. We got to do an endowment session.

Hello family! 

This has been one of the longest/shortest weeks on my mission! It doesn't feel like P-Day was that long ago. It's really consisted of a lot of walking, a lot of teaching, and me trying to figure out where everything is. I've kinda gotten the general feel of where the important streets are and I can pretty much navigate my way home from anywhere in Orem now. I really wish we were biking so I can use the beautiful brand new Cannondale I just bought a few weeks ago. However, Elder Morales doesn't have a bike so we're really getting out exercise!  Orem is really making me really miss Spanish Fork! :) Another interesting fact about our area is that it extends of the Orem/Provo line, so I pretty much leave the mission on a daily basis to go visit houses in the stake within the Provo boundaries. Fun stuff!

So the real highlight of this week was Halloween of course! Around 3:15pm, we headed up to American Fork, UT to a chapel right next to the Mt. Timpanogos temple. There the whole mission got together and we all had dinner together. Around 5pm, we split the mission half and half, walked over to the temple, and did an endowment session! I've never seen, nor has the temple staff, so many missionaries in the temple at once! It was pretty cool actually. But the Celestial room was kinda bustin at the seams!  After that, we drove home and went to bed! We were wiped out! Yesterday consisted of meetings, meetings, and...oh! More meetings. I pray I never get placed in to the ward council or some crazy stake calling. :D

This week we have exchanges with our Zone Leaders...but they're pretty cool so it should be fun. We also have President Interviews so it'll be nice to talk to President for a little while. Speaking of PresDawg! So before he and Sis. Killpack came to the Halloween party, they were in Lehi at a stake conference. Guess which stake they were in? One that I covered! I was really bummed I had missed the whole of it by a week. On top of that, this brother from a family we're super cool with spoke at it.  But overall, blessings in everything we do!

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