Sunday, August 16, 2015

Myself, Elder Laffidy, Will & Randy from VA

Our hike to Mt Timpanogos Caves

Hello family!

Here is my weekly email...a day thing a usually go! 😅

So Elder Laffidy and I have been doing a lot of stuff here in the Lehi North Area! Despite not having a car, some how we make it happen. Whether it be walking, biking, or getting rides from local members, we make it to our appointments! It's been really fun serving here with Elder Laffidy so far! There's never a dull moment between us.

So yesterday for P-Day we hiked up the Timpanogos Cave Monument in American Fork, Canyon which was a ton of fun! Me, Elder Laffidy, Will, Randy, and Crystal all set out around noon,1100 feet up in an hour and
a half for the mouth of the cave! It was a pretty neat hike. We had the most incredible view of the canyon as well as the valley from up there. Several rock formations as well as vegetation. Will and Randy had struggled a little bit due to the elevation and air thinness. Elder Laffidy and I did pretty well considering we've been here for a little over a year so we're acclimating to it all. The cave tour was pretty sweet! Lots of formations. It was pretty chilly in there! It was nothing like caving in Boy Scouts when we could explore and go off and check things out. Here we all stayed on the path they had created. Anyways, we finished the tour and went back down and went our
separate ways! It was really nice to see Will and Randy again. We were reminiscing quite a bit and poor Crystal and Elder Laffidy had no idea what was going on. Anyways...that's that!

So before the hike, we had a little extra time so we all drove up to Tibble Fork Reservoir a few miles up the canyon and hung out there for a little while. While we were there, we hiked up to a higher spot and
enjoyed the view and talked for a while.

That night we met with a inactive who is really good friends with one of our families. We met in their home and this poor girl has been through a lot and wants the direction of the gospel in her life...needless to was one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever been in. It was incredible. We shared D&C 18: 10,14-16 with her. Wonderful verses to discuss that God loves every single one of his children unconditionally. 

I'm looking forward to the awesome adventures that God has in store for me over the next week! Until then...I love you all!

-Elder Ahrens

Monday, August 10, 2015

Transfers for necessary growth!

My new companion, Elder Laffidy.

Saying good-bye to Pleasant Grove :(

Hello family!

Greetings from wonderful Lehi, UT! Yep, transfers were last Wednesday and I was put BACK in to Lehi. The same exact area that I started in a year ago! I'll tell ya what, it's really nice to come back and see everybody again! So while I was gone, the area had taken over another right now we cover 4 stakes in Lehi....and we're on our that's fun. Makes getting to our lessons a little challenging.

So here's how transfers went. So we all gathered in this chapel in Lindon, UT. Transfers begun. President Killpack introduced the 3 new guys who were called to the Utah Orem Mission! Could you imagine getting that on your call letter? Anyways, the areas started to come around. We finally got mine. "Elder Laffidy, serving in the Lehi North Area. Meet your new companion, Elder Ahrens!" He and I shot up and was just relieved and excited! Gave each other a big ol bro hug and off we went! We couldn't get over the fact that we were serving together! It was awesome! Over the past few days, he and I have had a great time catching up! Walking around, seeing people. Elder Laffidy and I have a lot in common. We talk openly, we aren't afraid to talk to people. It's so nice! We really enjoy working together! I can't think of a day this past week where we didn't have a few good laughs!

I'll quickly tell you a little bit about Elder Laffidy. He's a great guy. We hit our year mark together. He's from Hartsville, South Carolina. He's the oldest of 4. He's 2 months older than me. And he is a fantastic missionary.

Which reminds me! On Saturday evening, we're gonna go up American Fork Canyon with a family and Elder Laffidy and I are gonna burn our shirts together to celebrate our 1 year mark!

I'm sure gonna miss the folks of Pleasant Grove but I'm glad to be back here in Lehi. I knew I had unfinished work to be done. Many stories and experiences to come!

I love you all!

-Elder Ahrens