Saturday, November 21, 2015

On the Lord's errand.

Hello family!

Well, this has been a heck of a week! A lot of things happened that should belong in a journal, yet, I'm not too fond of writing, so I figure I'll collaborate all of my emails in to something when I get home. Elder Morales are chugging along here in Orem, UT. Anyways, on to the week!

Although we had several cancellations and the weather has grown colder, we managed to have a great, fun, and productive week. It all really started early Thursday morning when our district gathered at a chapel for interviews with the mission president. I was the second one to go. It was an awesome interview. I won't go in to depth about what was discussed, but it contained things I needed to hear. Things that I believe will help me continue to grow over these next 9 months that I have left. It's all becoming very surreal. I've been out for 15 months out of 24 months. I am now in the single digits when it comes to months left and it's blowing my mind just how quickly it has flown by. I can still recall, very vividly actually, things that happened in the MTC, Lehi, and Spanish Fork. Anyways! After interviews, our zone and some other missionaries gathered at UVU (Utah Valley University) and recorded our mission song "Send Me". We had Bro. Eggett, a music major/instructor, lead the recording session. It consisted of about 30 missionaries, and a choir based at UVU. I'm not sure when we will receive the recording, but when we do, I'll be sure to send it on. The spirit that follows that powerful song is incredible. It gave me chills!

The following day, we had Zone Training Meeting. At about 8:30am, we, along with the Zone Leaders, went to a chapel to set everything up. It was pretty cool because they went and got 2 dozen donuts from Krispey Kreme as a little treat for ZTM. We set up the tables, placed napkins, cups, and sheets out in each place. It was very professional 😂. It was a very good meeting. We have an awesome zone. Tons of good people, great missionaries, and we all have a lot of fun together!

So speaking of the zone, we had a little reorganizing of some missionaries in the zone. Our Polynesian elders, who originally lived in south Orem, were moved to Lehi. (In Elder Laffidy's old apartment, actually!) They were typically the ones who gave us a ride to early morning soccer.

Anyways! So after ZTM, I called up Bro. Simpson from Spanish Fork and went out to lunch with him! It was super nice to see him again. We talked about good ol' Palmyra and some of the changes going on in the ward/stake. He had been released as Ward Mission Leader and was placed in the Bishopric! So cool! 

So, finally the best day of the week rolled around! Saturday morning rolled around, and Elder Martz, Myself, and Elder Laffidy got together and headed up to Lehi, UT and attended a baptism for someone that each of us taught while we were up there. It was so cool! None of us were expecting it to happen so soon. Elder Laffidy and I were the witnesses..and man...the difference between when she went down and when she came back up out of the water! Her countenance had changed. There was something special that I a light emanating from her. It's times that like that help me understand more fully why I'm on a mission. To see that change in others and the betterment of themselves.

Anyways, that about does it for this week. Thank you so much! I love you all!

Elder Ahrens
Utah Orem Mission
612 W 100 S
Lindon, UT 84042

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  1. So proud of the wonderful young man of God that you are becoming. Can't wait to talk to you in person!
    Auntie Hope