Thursday, October 9, 2014

Helllooooooo family!

My new area!  Spanish Fork really does remind me of home which may or may not be a problem LOL. You've got your town with all the homes and stores and shopping centers and stuff...then you drive about 2 minutes to the west and BOOM. It's seriously like leaving Manassas and going into Catlett on 28. It's crazy just to think how close this portion of Utah is so similar to Virginia. I love it!

So as for my companion! He's awesome. He's from Austin, Texas, and he's pretty laid back. We got along so well and very rarely is there a dull moment between us! 

Having a car is super nice! It's 2011 Toyota Corolla LE. We call her Courtney. With the temperatures dropping, I'm definitely thankful that I have her. I treat the car like my own. It underwent a thorough interior and exterior cleaning today. The engine is next. Soooo dusty. All dirt does it retain heat. Not all that great for an aluminum block.

As for the area. Well I'm slowly learning my way around. In my last area..I realized that I take back everything I said about the grid system. So flippin convenient oh em gee. We have some really good Ward Mission Leaders in this area. Once again I'm over 2 stakes so there is always someone new to meet.

General Conference! Conference was super good! So many good speakers and talks! 

As for my zone and district. I am in the Hobble Creek Zone. Our Zone Leaders are pretty cool! Definitely hip to the area! I haven't met the rest of my zone yet but zone activity is so that'll be cool! I love my district. So many fun people! We have 2 elder companionships and 2 sister companionships. One set of elders (me) is English, other is Spanish. Same for the sisters. We all get along and have a good time together! Today (actually pretty soon here) we're all going to a chapel to play volleyball together! Good times!

So yesterday for the afternoon session of conference, we went to this member's house.He is SO chill. His whole family is in fact. He is one of our favorite families in the area. He and his family are a bunch of cowboys essentially and his kids are always practicing their roping on a dummy bull. They show in rodeos and stuff here in Spanish Fork. He is actually a mink farmer so he has one 1/4 mile shed full of mink currently. He said by 2018 he's gonna have 4 more sheds like that full of mink. He told me all about em and how much bank he'll end up making from all of their pelts. Good stuff. Definitely be going back there soon. We do service projects for him all the time and hang out with him and his family. Yesterday I tried roping, I just embarrassed myself haha.

So yeah! My apartment isn't a member's home here. It's part of a quadroplex of apartments. So we get it ALL to ourselves. Livin' large!

OH YEAH! So a couple of days ago I went and visited Ashley Padilla! Dayton was at school and she was home with Clay and Owen. The boys were sure surprised to see me hahaha! 

I think that about sums up this week! I have no wifi in my apartment so we have to go to one of our stake centers to email.

Until next week!

-Elder Ahrens

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