Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Enjoying God's Creations

All things were made by himJohn 1:3, 10

Hey hey!

What the heck?! It has NOT been a whole week since I've emailed you last! :P Where is the time going? Guess that means I've been keeping busy!

We had a baptism on Saturday! He's 13 years old. Elder Peabody and Elder Griggs have been working with this young man for quite some time now before I got here. He had an awesome baptism program and he had so many family members there to support him even though 90% of them weren't members! What I thought was really cool was his GREAT Grandpa baptized him!  Just had his confirmation yesterday and I had the opportunity to stand in the circle! So cool!

Within the coming weeks we have two more baptisms. A couple of sisters. Super glad that they're taking the necessary steps to the font! So we're working with them and getting them ready.

So today I went back up to Alpine (North East of Lehi) and while we were up in that area, I visited several of the families I got close to while I spent my time in Lehi. If you recall, Elder Straub, the missionary that I really like from the Lehi East Area, we visited him and his new companion. Looks like they'll be having a pretty good time this transfer!

On our way back to Spanish Fork, we stopped in Provo to drop a few things off at the mission office, then we ventured to Mr. Mac so Elder Peabody could get a new suit. While we were there, I was walking around looking at stuff and I looked up and saw my bud Nick! It's been since EFY (Especially For Youth) that I've seen this kid and here he was in the middle of Provo, UT getting stuff for his mission! He reports to the MTC here pretty soon to prepare to go to Mexico for his mission! The exact same mission that Josh is assigned to actually! It was so good to see him and it was a little shocking because of how many years it has been! Small world!

Anyways, we're keepin busy here! Doing plenty of service projects and teaching! I really enjoy a lot of the Ward Mission Leaders here.

Until next week! Love you all!

-Elder Ahrens 

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