Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hello family!

So this week has just blown by! I am amazed at just how quickly each Friday comes (that's our weekly planning day)! We're always around on our bikes visiting people, teaching, going to standing appointments, or just plain out contacting. It definitely keeps us busy! 

So on Friday, the Zone Leaders came to our apartment. We all went on exchanges. I went in to the Zone Leader's area with Elder Stoker while Elder Kepo'o stayed in our area with Elder Law. The ZL's have a car....and I realized just how badly I DON'T want one. But in the end, things are going smoother between Elder Law and I which is really good. 
I love biking so much more for a couple of reasons: 1st - because of biking, I've stayed in the 160 lbs range which is awesome! That's a little under what I was leaving home! It keeps me looking sexy. 2nd - it's much more fun to ride around on bikes than it is to sit in a car! 3rd - when you're on bikes and riding around the neighborhoods and streets, you can actually stop by someone who is either in front of their house, walking, or just chillen and talk to them! You can't do that in a car without looking like a creeper! 4th - People always honk and yell "YEAH HI MISSIONARIES!!!!" haha so that's always nice.
That about sums up that reasoning. We gotta be careful though...the struggle of having a nice bike is I need to hide it when I'm in some of these neighborhoods.
So everyone is talking about how this winter is going to be. I WANT LOTS OF SNOW!  If this winter is going to be as hype as everyone says it is, it's going to get here a little early! It's already starting to cool down out here!

So yesterday was the Ogden City temple dedication. In the morning, we got a ride from an RM, Elder Atwood, who apparently trained Elder Law last year! He's from Alberta, Canada. Anyways, the dedication was incredible! The four of us are sitting there (Me, Elder Law, Elder Atwood, and Jack (same Jack that we took to the temple a few weeks ago)). We're chillen in the chapel waiting for it to start, then around the 5mins left mark, President Monson, President Erying, and Elder Bednar walk into the room that everyone was sitting in. I'm sure the spirit dropped like a nuclear bomb in that room when they all walked in! It was so awesome. Goodness its so strange. President Monson then offered the dedicatory prayer. It's full on legit!

So Jason, how is work? Have you been in the Provo area recently? How are the kids?
Mandee, how is the BEBEH? Ready for Rox to be born? haha

Granny and Jenise, how are things? How is Bridger? How is Katy? Since I've been on my mission, I've met 2 Bridger's. lol Apparently a common name out here!

Other than that, this week has been great! Ready for another one to flash before my eyes. OH YEAH! So when I was talking to Elder Atwood, he said that it did not feel like 2 years in the slightest. He said it was more like 5 minutes in the grand scheme of things. He said when he got home, he asked himself.."did i just serve a mission?" That's how quickly it goes for missionaries.Craziness. seriously.

So I'll be looking forward to hearing from y'all in the coming week! 

Until next week! 
with love,

-Elder Ahrens

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