Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hello family!

So this week has been one of the longest. Mainly because last Monday I was like...dying with the food poisoning. Anyways! Tuesday we had the chance to go to the Mt.Timpanogos temple TWICE! Two endowment sessions that day! One of the trips was as a district, the other was for one of our reactivations who came through for his own age 70!  Then, we went to the temple again to take one of our recent converts through for baptisms for the dead for his first time (See picture).  Tomorrow morning, Elder Junge leaves for Brazil (which is his real mission. He's been waiting a year for his VISA). So tonight I'm going on...sort of an exchange. This week is going to have 2. The reason being is that Elder Law is our district he has a training meeting all day tomorrow and so I'm going to be going with the Lehi East elders. One of them I really like, Elder Straubb, he's a cool guy and we get along really well. So that's where I'll be tomorrow. Then I'll be going on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. We don't know who is going where, but if Elder Law goes to their area, that means I'll have to take the lead for our area...kinda scary to think about! So yeah. That's the excitement of last week and this week! How are things going at home? I saw the pic on FB and I saw the pics Mom sent me of Elder Mott and Elder Thibodoux. Classic!  Jason and Mandee, I see that y'all are having a good time while you still can before Roxee makes an appearance! Jenise, how are things going back east? Capital Weather Gang keeps posting about the insane storm in NOVA. Hope that y'all are okay! Oh and how is Granny and
Katy? I miss my pup! 

Until next time!
With love,

-Elder Ahrens

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