Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello family!

Man, oh, man has this week flown by! I can't believe it's been a whole week! I've appreciated all the pictures y'all have sent me! I hope you enjoyed the pics I sent ;)  Anyways, this week has been a little slow, but Stake Conference this weekend is the Ogden Temple re-dedication so I get to attend that! Yesterday in the Stake Conference broadcast, we heard from Elder Scott and Elder Nelson! Up on the stand behind them I saw President and Sister McCune! It's pretty cool that he gets to see all of these General Authorities! So get this! So in one of the stakes that I'm over, (the Lehi North Stake) the Stake Presidency First Counselor is Elder D. Todd Christofferson's cousin! How wild is that?! It's so crazy meeting all of these relatives to General Authorities. First President Monson's grandson, then Elder Oak's daughter, then Elder Christofferson's cousin! Maybe I'll have the opportunity to meet an actual General Authority! Elder Junge said that he's already met 5 apostles since he's been here in the mission!

I love this area and I really would be sad if I left after one transfer. The people here are amazing. They really care about us missionaries.

So get this, I was helping my landlord out with his Chopper because he went to go start it and the battery was dead. So I got his started for him and then we took it out of the garage and let it idle and stuff and that's when he let me sit on it and have a picture or two. He's so funny haha when his wife pulled in to the driveway in her Jeep, he was right behind her in his old '72 K20. He proceeded to do a burnout in to the driveway. (It's a 427 big block btw) It was so great! Then he pulled his new 3500HD out of the garage and cleaned it up where the dealership missed, then he let me sit in it and take pictures. He is soooooo nice!

So yeah! Plenty of good stuff going on! On Tuesday the 23rd, I'm going on an exchange with Elder Straub. It's gonna be so great. I can't wait. Then the 24th, I'm going on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders. They're both cool.

That about sums up how this week is gonna go and how last week went.

Love you all! Until next week!

Elder Ahrens

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