Monday, May 25, 2015

The Spirit of Revelation is Real

The spirit of revelation is real - it can and does function
 in our individual lives and in the Church.
- Elder David A. Bednar, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Elder Leavitt and I

Today we honor those that died for us

Enjoying the great outdoors in Battle Creek Canyon
Hey y'all! So this has been a very productive week! And I felt the influence of the spirit so strongly!
So starting from the beginning, last Monday for our activity, we got together as a district minus the sisters and had a huge nerf war...okay! I just noticed autocorrect changed "nerf" to "nerd" and I don't blame it. I felt like such a tool haha. What in the world? A bunch of 19-20 year old Elders jumping around a gymnasium shooting each other with foam bullets....REALLY?

Tuesday morning we had exchanges with our District Leader and his companion. Elder C is the DL and his companion is Elder J. Elder J came into my area with me for the duration of the day. We had a good time together! Elder J is a pretty cool guy. He's an awesome guy and it was super cool to get to know him and spend the day with him. Great missionary!

Wednesday morning rolled around and we exchanged back. The real highlight of that day was with our investigator. So this is someone who we've working with for about a month. Well, we're teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the lesson is a section about baptism. After we taught the principle and importance of baptism, the spirit just completely overcame me and it was almost like it was yelling at me to invite her to be baptized...well, I obliged...and she said yes! We were so excited! We were so happy for her! We knew she had a testimony and that she really wanted this. We're going to do everything we can to help her prepare for baptism. So yeah...highlight! So exciting to witness one of God's children as they desire to follow Him!

Thursday came and we jumped on exchanges again. This time Elder C came into my area with me. We had a pretty good day. Elder C. is a great missionary and I learned a lot from him.

Saturday, we went back down in Payson planning on taking 3 different people through! Shortly after, I found out that it was the Spanish Fork West Stake's turn to volunteer running the shindig...that was one of the stakes that I covered and knew pretty well in SF so I got to see and talk to a ton of people I knew from there which was awesome! That night we had a lesson with this investigator we're working with. Now, this young man kid has been through so we're doing everything we can to help and support him the best we can. Well, when we went to their house, I remembered as we were walking up to the door that they I was like "awh crap what do we do now? We have no way of finding him or getting a hold of him!" Then a thought came into my mind...I had remembered seeing him and his brother in an area nearby and I wondered what's the chances that we would see him. I got the strong impression that we should try...and not a minute goes by and they walk out of business where we were at. Can you say Holy Spirit? Good gosh talk about being guided! That was so awesome! My testimony of the Holy Ghost had been amplified right there. So sweet! We then had a sweet lesson with them both.

On Sunday, we went to the Grove Creek 4th Ward and listened to our senior couple give their farewell talks because they're going on another mission to Austria/Germany/Switzerland. That night we had another lesson with our investigator that had committed to being baptized. It was super awesome and she committed to living the Word Of Wisdom in her life! We then had dinner with a family I knew really well in Lehi. They came down and met up with me and some family who lived in the area and we all had dinner and chatted together! It was so great!

Friday, we exchanged back following district training meeting. Then we had weekly planning, then we had a lesson with one of our members. Well, this led to a spur of the moment trip to the Payson Temple Open House! Hahaha how about that?! It was such a good time going down there with them! Well, afterward we went to Spanish Fork to get some ice cream. We went to Rita's (a popular frozen custard place in town) and I saw a few people I knew which was kinda cool. Then we went back to PG and went to bed hahaha.

After that, we went a member's house. They had two returned missionaries from this mission visiting with them. These two had served around each other for a while (elder & sister) and now they are engaged! One is from North Dakota and the other is from obviously I had to ask them how this all happened. Turns out that they both went to BYU-I, or as they put it "BYU-I DO" LOL. So that was cool...

Well...that was a lot! That pretty much sums up the week! I love you all! Take care until next week!

-Elder Ahrens

Today we remember those that died for our freedom in this great country! 'Murica rocks! 
Dad, Mom, J, Grandpa Jim...y'all weren't military but you were public safety. That still counts in my book and I'm grateful for your service and sacrifice to the folks of Fairfax, Palm Beach, Clearfield, and DC. Love you all! You're my heroes!

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