Thursday, March 5, 2015

Unitah Mountains

I'm amazed at these mountains.

Sunset from Dry Canyon

Dry Canyon
What a view!


How are we doin? I hope everyone is doing well! I know I am! Things are going pretty well here in Pleasant Grove! I'm loving all of the pics that y'all send me! I like to see how the fam bam is doing! I heard mom ended up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5! Yet, for some reason she gave granny her we'll see how long that lasts! Love you Granny! Dad, glad you're holding fast to the rod of Apple. iPhones do it better!

So about 2 weeks ago, an elder in our district became very sick. This past week we did exchanges with them because he's been so sick. Basically, we swapped for 3 hours each. Elder Greenacre took the first shift, then I took the second shift. After that, we went back to our usual areas. We're keeping him in our prayers that he'll recover soon.

I've mentioned our mission parents in the past. They take really good care of us and help us out! "Dad" is actually the High-Councilman over missionary work in the Mt.Timpanogos stake. (The other elders' area). We see them pretty much every day so it's kind of nice.

Y'all remember our investigator who is getting baptized. We're super happy for her and are looking forward to this momentous occasion!  We're still praying for her parent's hearts to be softened. I really enjoy working with the YSA's because we can relate to each other. We have a good friendship with her, her sister, and her boyfriend. Course....Her boyfriend and I get along because we're both car guys. Haha

So, we had another exchange! This time with the Zone Leaders! They are Elder Cox and Elder Jiles. Elder Jiles was my zone leader when I was in Spanish Fork so I know him pretty well so it's a good deal. This time, Elder Cox came into my area with me. I had never really talked to the guy prior to that..but it turns out that he's like the coolest zone leader ever! Also, we have a lot of similar interests. He's from a small town in central Oregon. We went and talked about guns, trucks, hunting, four-wheeling, and girls for hours hahaha! We both have that "country boy" mentality so we got along really well! I would not mind serving with him at all! Course...he's been out 17 months and he's a zone leader so I highly doubt it will ever happen haha. Who knows!

So while we were on exchanges, the night previous we got an invite to a YSA Ward breakfast. We figured it would be a good opportunity to meet some people, get ourselves known, and maybe get some referrals. Anyways, we were sitting there, and after the breakfast portion, they played a game. So as I was looking around I looked towards the other side of the room and saw someone familiar. We went to throw our plates away, and I noticed two more people who I recognized. You may not know them...but it was the Gardiner Sisters! (They're sisters who sing together and they're awesome. I've seen their videos on YouTube but I never thought I would see them in person!) So I was like...holy crap. So I started talking to them. They're super nice. If you don't know who they are, Google them or search them on YouTube.  It's crazy that they live right here in my area! They've worked with The Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling and other YouTube famous others in the past.

Well...that pretty much sums up my week! Pretty good week I'd say. Mom and Dad, I wish you luck back in the tundra that is the east coast.

Love you all!

-Elder Ahrens

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