Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Great week in Pleasant Grove, UT

M&M - Mormon Missionary 200 days out!
Mt. Timpanogos Zone

Awesome family here in Pleasant Grove!

Hello family!

So things have gone really well this past week!

We had what's called Zone Training Meeting. This is where all 3 districts of the zone gather together and we have a big meeting where we are all able to learn new things. It was a very spiritual and uplifting meeting and I'd probably say it was one of the best that I've been to!

So over the course of the past week, we've been meeting with an amazing investigator that I mentioned to you previously.  She is still committed to her baptismal date of March 7th. She knows that what she's doing is right and she believes it to be true. Her sister has been sitting in and listening to our lessons. The sister's boyfriend is a member and served a mission in Bolivia. He is so awesome and a great example to others! Anyway, her family is struggling with her decision to be baptized but we are praying that they will feel the spirit and desire to know about the gospel.

As far as baptisms go, I had the opportunity to go back to Spanish Fork to witness a baptism of someone who I worked with right up until I left. It was so cool to see her get baptized!

Unfortunately as typical missionary life goes, we had several lesson cancellations this week. People get busy with life. So I don't have a lot to report on. However, as far as the missionary work goes on the Stake level, we're getting the Mission Leaders involved to help increase our missionary efforts here in Pleasant Grove. Can't wait!

What else....oh! So next month, the mission is taking all of our iPads and giving us brand new ones that is funded by the families of the missionaries.

The pictures that I'm getting sent are so nice! I love seeing how y'all are doing. Jenise sends plenty of pics of the little man. How is baby Rox doing? I don't hear much from J and MJ so I'm mainly going off of what's on Facebook.

Anyways, today we're gonna go play some indoor soccer. Guess what! A couple of days ago, I found out that I'm exactly the same (if not a little lighter) weight as when I left home! I put on like 10 pounds in SF and I lost in all in a period of 2 weeks haha. I'm now back at 170lbs haha. So that's my highlight of the week. Elder Greenacre and I
are more health and fitness oriented together so we make it work. 

Saw Elder Capt again this week. He's doing well. He's getting married soon.

Anyways, Dad, when you sent that email about the Daytona 500, I couldn't help but run around the room screaming in excitement! That's going to be such an awesome race a few years from now! Looking forward
to it!

I can't believe how much snow the east coast has gotten! They've taken quite a beating this winter and I've been out here chillen with 50 degree weather and sunny!

Pics will follow this email.

Love you all!

Hasta en la proxima semana!

-Elder Ahrens

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