Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Zone - Aspen Grove Zone (Week March 23 & 30)

So grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ!

Awesome family we visited.

Awesome Family!

Awesome Family!

Elder Greenacre and myself.

We can always go to the Lord when faced with uncertain directions!

I love the temple. Families are sealed together forever.

The Mt Timpanogos Temple.

"P" Day (Preparation Day) requires a little rest.

Well hello everyone! Elder Greenacre and I are still companions. Yea!!!!  

Last Monday, me and my companion moved to a different house. It's really nice. We have our own kitchen and private entrance. And we are now closer to the Edwards!

We saw Jordan Capt last Sunday, which was awesome. When we went to his Ward, I had no idea he was in this YSA Ward...we're sitting there and I look over and there he is with his fiancĂ©! Go figure haha!

This morning we played soccer with the Elders in our district. We are going to start playing every MWF at 6 a.m..So I may come home with some mad soccer skills!

So during the commotion of transfers, several missionaries had gone home but not many came out so several areas were combined into other areas. Me, Elder Greenacre, and Elder Carder (Our District
Leader) were essentially moved out of the Timpanogos zone (which was a totally awesome zone btw) and put in the Aspen Grove Zone. One of our zone leaders, Elder Simonsen is actually from Chesapeake, VA! We get on pretty well and we informed each other that we come from a good part of the country haha!

So far in the Aspen Grove Zone, we have had some amazing opportunities to teach people about the Restoration.

Mom, thank you so much for the Nike+ FuelBand! I love it and it is so awesome! Works great, looks good, and keeps me motivated! Learn more about Nike FuelPoints and you'll know why!

So Sister Edwards has been spoiling me and Elder Greenacre. She's made me chicken enchiladas, banana bread with chocolate chips, scotcheroos, and chocolate chip cookie bars! Holy moly she's the best haha! Even more motivation to work out! Haha

So Dad tells me that y'all are planning on selling the house in Ogden to get another. Last night I prayed to Heavenly Father that he would help you all as you make these decisions. I know and have experienced the power of his hand in my life as I make decisions here in the mission field and I know that he can help you in this time.

What else....uhh I saw a Nissan GTR, and an Audi R8 this week haha!

I'm sure Sister Gerber will tell you, but I saw her this past week and actually taught a lesson with her! It was kind of cool. Mom, she talked about how much she adores you lol. I mean...what's not to love?! ❤️

I think that about sums up the life of a missionary for this week! A big shout out to Brother & Sister Edwards for all they do for me. Sister Edwards told me about y'all's conversation yesterday. Glad she's there to keep me in line and keep you informed haha!

Anyways...love you all! Looking forward to what the future holds! Oh, by the way, I'm going to the  Morning session of General Conference!

-Elder Ahrens

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