Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Final Days in Pleasant Grove, UT then transfers!

Kirk's spongebob imitation.

Running into friends from VA!

More friends from VA!

My companion Elder Leavitt.

Elder Leavitt

Hello madre y padre!

So since yesterday was always on the move, I didn't have "time" to get a good solid email home! So here we go!

So last Monday night, we went to a Family Home Evening night with one of our YSA wards. Their activity for the night was Life Lessons 101: Auto Maintenance. I decided why the heck not? So I told the guy running the show that I was a bit of a gear head and could help him with anything he needed. This night consisted of taking this girl's car and inspecting the basic things. Oil, tranny, washer fluid,antifreeze, tires, etc. I soon realized that this car was on the verge of killing itself. It was about 1.5-2 quarts low on oil and the tires were over-inflated by about 20 pounds. Yikes! I ended up talking more than I expected. I guess when you know your stuff, people expect you
to use it! It was fun! Good people. I got to help a bunch!

So on Wednesday we had interviews with President Killpack for the first time ever! He took us in one by one, and interviewed us briefly.

Anyways, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, we met with one of our recent converts who has asked us to teach him the Temple Prep Lessons. It was kinda cool to go through those with him just because I never went through them before I went through for my own endowment. There is some interesting insight shared in the manual. It was all stuff I knew but it was cool to see what it said.

On Friday, we had Zone Training Meeting. This is where our whole gets together and we're taught by our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. It was one of the longest ZTM's I've ever been to but was really good.

Saturday we had exchanges with Elder Carder and Elder Romriell. I went to their area with Elder Romriell and man did we have fun! Elder Romriell and I get along really well. We have similar interests and all of that good stuff. In the morning, we did some service from Bro.Edwards. We took three loads of crap to the dump with his big ol crew cab Ford. It was fun! After that, we did some contacting. I met one of Elder Holland's mission companions! There is a story that he shared that I'm going to have to put in a voice memo or something because it's way too long to type. But yeah! After that, we had a few lessons. They went really well! After the lessons, we went and talked to Bro.Capt (Elder Capt's father) who was outside working on his boat getting it ready to head down to Lake Powell for the weekend. Elder Romriell wanted to take a picture with his 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger. I asked
Bro. Capt to back it out. I'll send some pics. Then we talked about a bunch of stuff! After that, I packed my stuff up and went back to my area with Elder Leavitt. Good day!

Sunday was where things really were put in to perspective. Fast forward to the evening where we had a fireside at the AlpineTabernacle in American Fork, UT with the Alpine YSA Stake. President Larry Gelwix was the keynote speaker. President Gelwix is the head coach of the Highland Rugby Team and he and his team are the ones
represented in the movie Forever Strong. He also presided over the California Fresno Mission. He told of several experiences that helped him acknowledge the promptings of the spirit in his life. Another experience I'll have to share in a voice memo because it's too long to type out.

So yeah! Better late than never, but there it is! My week! I love you sooooo much!

-Elder Ahrens

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