Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We have to align with the correct frequency in order to hear the music of the Spirit. ♬♬♬♬♬ 

Hello family!

So this has been a pretty quick week! Things are moving forward in the Pleasant Grove Creek area!

So, we met a young man who was referred to us by the Ward Mission Leader of that YSA Ward. We were informed about some of his history, but the bottom line is that he wants to turn his life around. A fellow member was recommended to go teach with us but he ended up not being available. So guess who I called who just so happens to be in that same YSA ward? Jordan Capt. It was awesome! So he went with us to teach. This young man has one of the most firm and unshakable testimonies that I have ever heard! As went about teaching The Restoration, the answers he was giving to our questions carried insight that I have never heard before in my entire mission. It was incredible! The spirit was so, so strong in that room! He expressed some of the ways that he gained his testimony and they were very unique and interesting but true nonetheless! He's an amazing young man and I look forward to continuing to work with him! I think one of the coolest things was the fact that Jordan and I basically switched places! Usually it would have been me going with him and Elder Edgington or Elder Musso! So cool to teach with him!

Speaking of Elder Edgington! Well, and Jordan. So Jordan is getting married. He said that both Elder Edgington and Elder Musso will be at his reception here in PG! I just have to hope I'm here next transfer so I can go and see them! Super cool!

So I thought I would share this just because it's funny. So on Saturday we had a lesson with another guy. So when we got there, he was trying to get his truck started because the battery had died. I offered to give him a jump with our car and it fired right up! After a few minutes, he shut it off and we went inside. I was a little concerned about this just because there was no way it was long enough to charge the battery enough for another start. Unfortunately, I was right. At the end of the lesson, we waited for him just to make sure it would start. It didn't. We then jumped him again. Only this time, we had the contacts on the battery, we waited a minute, and it wouldn't start. Wouldn't even click. No noises or lights inside. DEAD. At this point if he had to ride his bike, he would have been late because his work is at American Fork Hospital about 4 miles away. I had one last idea pop into my my head! I informed him that if I put the positive contact on the starter directly bypassing the battery, it would turn over and ignite. He replied that at this point, he had nothing to lose so we proceeded. Thanks for teaching me that trick, Dad! It worked like a charm! Cranked over a few times and roared to life! Redneck start-up: Mission Accomplished

So I assume you would like to hear about our investigator! Her and her sister go to church every week, read their scriptures, and have daily prayer. Well we currently have her on date to be baptized next Saturday, the 18th. She has asked that I baptize her. We are so excited for this wonderful occasion in her life! Watching her enter the waters of baptism will be one of the most rewarding feelings of being on a mission! After which, the 4 of us are planning on going to the temple to do baptisms. We're just so happy for the recent decisions that she and her sister have both made in their lives.  I know their lives will be blessed by committing to be a disciple of our Heavenly Father.

So during the week, we had our quarterly interviews with President McCune. They went really well. The only bumming part is that we were informed that it will be the last time we meet with President McCune formally before he is released in July. A bittersweet experience. With all of the changes in the mission, things are definitely getting
prepared for a greater thing!

Anyways, I think about sums up this week!

Until next week!

Love you all!

-Elder Ahrens

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