Monday, January 5, 2015

Hola mi familia!

So this past week there was one particular day I really wanted to touch on! One of our Assistants to the Mission President went out with Elder Doherty and I all afternoon and into the evening. He's been on his mission about 23 months, and he's been serving as an AP for as long as I've been out. When we first met up with him, we were a little skeptical about a few things...kind of like "Why are you with us? What did we do?" Haha but as we started our day and began to contact a few people. It only took a short time to realize what an awesome missionary he was and what a tremendous testimony and love for the gospel he had. This initially kindled a fire of motivation and inspiration in me. As the day went on, we went and contacted a few more people before we had lessons, and it led to having more lessons right there in the spot! Then we continued as our schedule went along. Eventually, we ended up at a young couple's home.  Their Bishop had expressed just how much of a desire this couple had to learn. So we contacted them, set up an appointment, and went and visited them. They have such a desire to learn about Christ and his gospel! We proceeded to teach them the discussions. AND they were married this past week! They invited us too! It was at their Ward building, and their bishop married them. It was pretty sweet because it was cowboy style. I said there ain't anything like a good ol country wedding. It was an awesome ceremony and we're super happy for them! We met with them this past week with Elder Moreno and we talked about the Book of Mormon.

Just overall we saw so many blessings and miracles that day serving with Elder Moreno. Seriously, that guy is fearless! Talked to everybody! True inspiration.

Anyways, that was the highlight of our week. Love you all! It was truly a blessing to be able to talk to all of you a couple of weeks ago!

With love,

-Elder Ahrens

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