Friday, December 5, 2014

 Learning to lasso the cow. You never know when this will come in handy.

Lake Utah

Hello family!

So as Jason so thoughtfully brought it to my attention, I should be telling you about what I learned this week rather than what I did. Well, I'm going to do a little bit of both, but instead of going on the day to day, I'm going to go over the highlights.

Last Monday night we had exchanges with our Zone Leaders. I was paired up with Elder Roberts, and Elder Doherty was paired up with Elder Jiles. Elder Roberts is from Wales!  We had a super awesome time. We really had a great time working together! We did a number of finding activities. Later in the day we did a little bit of contacting. We ended up at a member's house. Now this member is an older guy who is originally from Florida. He has been living in this dilapidated house for a little over 10 years. When Elder Roberts and I arrived, he had this flat bed truck loaded up with split wood. We offered our assistance and he obliged. We had a nice long conversation for about an hour or so while we were helping him sort this wood and stack it next to his house for firewood. We had a good time and got to know him really well. That night we exchanged back.

Wednesday we had a Thanksgiving Pie Party at one of our Senior Couples' home.

Thursday was turkey day! We had 3 Thanksgiving dinners lined up and we were prepared! The first family we went to, we are really close to and they always look out for us. He is a ward mission leader so we already see him a ton anyway! We actually returned to their home that night and played games with them and all their family that was visiting! Then we went to the 2nd member's home. After dinner, we went out and I practiced some of my roping. Getting a little better at it but still needs a lot of work! Mom, you're from Texas. Roping and cowboys are your ancestry! The last family we visited was a Bishop's family we really of our favorite Bishops! So we always go over to his house during the week and visit. We're actually doing quite a bit of work in his ward so it keeps him and us up to date. Then we went back to the first member's home and played games.

Saturday we had a baptism in the early afternoon.

On Sunday, we spoke in Sacrament meeting. It went well...but it just rekindled my fire of dislike of public speaking haha. After that we took some Elders in our Zone all the way down 89 to Birdseye, UT. Population 70. :P It's in the canyon so it was quite a view. We went out there so my companion (being the District Leader) could conduct a baptismal interview for them. We'll be going back out there next week to witness the baptism..which is going to be held in a pond by the way! After that we went to Ashley P.'s ward and taught Primary Sharing time for her! So that was fun I guess haha.

That about sums up this week! I really do appreciate all of the support y'all have been giving me!  It truly is picking up quite a bit! I'm still in shock that I get to FaceTime y'all in a little under a month! Transfers are on the 18th and I'm really hoping I get to stay in this area for the new year.

Elder Doherty and I get along so well and have a great time together!

Love you tons!

-Elder Ahrens

P.S - loved the pics of the deck work! keep em comin! I love getting pics!

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