Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hello family!!!

So I'm here in my first area! The Lehi North Area! I'm here with my companions Elder Junge and Elder Law. Things have been going really well this week! This is a biking mission so I'm thankfully working off all the dinners we get nightly. The ward members here really take care of the missionaries!  Love them! So a little story, we rode over there for dinner last night, had a great time and a great dinner...however when we went to leave..my front tire on my bike was flat. (go figure) so one of the members gave us a ride to our next appointment and we all left out bikes there...little did I know that he and his sons were fixing my bike for me! brand new inner tube (spoke punctured old tube) and adjusted my brakes! Above and beyond the call of duty. AND another member is crazy awesome at bikes so when my bike wouldn't shift and the chain was jumping..he fixed it for me overnight and was ready the next day! So yeah...there is definitely good people out here! So Yeah. More adventures and excursions to come! Tonight we're going to go eat dinner at a member's home. On Friday we actually helped them move out of their storage unit because it had gotten broken into and stuff was stolen. Boy have I had plenty of experiences moving stuff in and out of storage units :P So yeah. (BTW when I get my iPad, I can read emails all week long, I just can't reply until P day (Monday).)

So for mail and stuff, the new address is the Mission Office so even if I get transferred, It will always make it to me.

Elder Kirk Bridger Ahrens
Utah Provo Mission
85N 600E
Provo, UT 84606

Still getting used to this grid system of addresses.

Anyways! Love you all! Glad to hear you arrived to our new home safe and sound! 

-Elder Ahrens

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